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Book veteran escort girls Remember the old girls at Babylon

Don’t worry, we are not talking about old women in the literal sense. You are not here to look at grandmas we know! Although we do have a number of mature London escorts, we are not representing old ladies. When we say the old girls at Babylon, we mean those we have represented for a number of years. Sometimes they get sidestepped because they’re always in the gallery, and there are always so many new additions to the team. Take the Russian escorts for example. These girls come and go so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes we see them again, sometimes never again. We can never be sure. There’s no doubt that they are excellent choices, but you can’t necessarily visit them regularly. And we know how some of you like to see the same few girls over and over. Building a relationship like this with an escort is very rewarding as they get to know you.

We have a lot of love and respect for the girls we’ve known for a long time. They have done the agency proud, and they have made a lot of you very happy indeed. When they have had the opportunity to go to another agency, or no longer list with us, they have stayed, and this loyalty is very commendable. Most of them are European escorts, who actually live here, or at least own property here and can stay for long periods of time. They go home on holidays and special occasions etc. but they have made London their home, and they know it very well.

What you can expect from a veteran escort

Some people would argue that you shouldn’t book a veteran escort because they’re tired of the job. This simply isn’t true. We’re sure that it could be in some cases, but we wouldn’t have any girls like that at the agency. When you stop to consider it, if they are tired of the job, they could simply stop. It’s not as though these veterans are short of a penny or two! No, the fact is that they love the job and they love the lifestyle. They get to be their own boss, they can work whenever they like and they get to meet and spend time with wonderful clients (well most of you anyway!).

This is by far the best reason to book a veteran escort. Not only are they well accustomed to the lifestyle, and indeed London, you can know for certain that they’re doing this because they enjoy it. It’s not like it is in the movies. There are no pimps, there are not hard drug habits to finance, there is no mafia etc. That’s utter nonsense. This is a beautiful and talented woman, who is confident about herself and her job, and has perfected the services she offers. She knows exactly what she is doing, and she knows exactly what you want from the moment you meet her. You will never find a woman so aware of male psychology in the real world. There’s nothing like our world is there?

Where can you find them?

If you’re a regular at Babylon Girls, you will already recognise the familiar faces. Escorts like Justina, Anays, or the lovely Zoe. However, if you’re not familiar with them, you could always consult our list of Client Recommended escorts. Whilst they won’t all be veteran girls in there, you can bet your life that most of them will be there. Even if you choose one who isn’t a long time favourite at Babylon, because they’re client recommended, they’re bound to be good. Girls don’t make it into this category because we put them there, they really are recommended by our regulars.

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