Coping with a lock down: A nightmare or a blessing?

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escorts stuck in lockdown Coping with a lock down: A nightmare or a blessing?

There are some enormously anxious people all over the UK at the moment, not just in London. The world has been hit with the spread of Corona Virus and we are living in unprecedented times. Everyone is affected, no-one is spared. As a nation we must all pull together to do whatever we can. This is why our London escorts are currently no longer available, and we would imagine that many other agencies have done exactly the same. It seems to be the only truly responsible thing to do under these circumstances.

So we have taken the opportunity to put together a short article offering help and support to those who may be struggling with their lockdown. This could be for many reasons. Most of them will be related to boredom and the feeling of being trapped. Or “Stir Crazy” as the saying goes. It’s at times like this that we can all relate to how prisoners may feel being locked in their cells most of the day. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a few suggestions on how you can alleviate your lockdown symptoms. We’re not just London’s leading 24 hour escort agency, we are human beings with a passion for life and a willingness to help others wherever we can.

Opportunities await

At the risk of sounding trite, this pandemic could well provide you with an excuse to do things differently. You could learn a new skills, or take up a new hobby. You could reconnect with the loved ones in your home that you may have been missing by going to work. Or if you just want to keep things simple (and no one is blaming you for that), you could simply catch up with some of your favourite TV shows. Maybe you have a few books on the shelf that you have been meaning to read for years?

If you do have loved ones in your home, make a point of being supportive for them too, it may be the job that you need to keep yourself occupied as well as help them. If you have children, they can be very inspiring, and most of the time all they ever want to do is spend time with you. Play games, draw, paint, or just watch movies with them. This time will be incredibly valuable and both you and them will remember it for the rest of your lives.

Stay Active

You can bet your life that the sexy young party girls at Babylon have been keeping themselves fit and healthy, whether they’re allowed to leave their apartments or not. The banging on the floor may even be louder than it usually is from some apartments!

Unfit man

In all seriousness though, it’s important to keep yourself going. When you consider even the smallest amount of exercise you got walking to work or negotiating the underground in the morning before work, you’re not going to get that sitting at home. Take up some kind of activity. Do a HIIT workout that you can do in your lounge, kitchen, or wherever there is space. Let the British fitness coach Joe Wicks inspire you, you can find him on YouTube. Exercise is just as important to improve your mood as it is to improve the fitness of your body. Don’t allow yourself to slip out of shape if you can help it

Stay in touch with people

We don’t have all the answers, but we do hope that we have helped to inspire you to some kind of action. It’s not healthy to sit in bed all day, and if you’re alone, it’s not good to sit with your own thoughts all day either. Make a point of staying in touch with people via the telephone and video chat. Schedule times to talk to different people if it helps. Sometimes a routine is all people need to make the days feel full again.

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