What London escorts do during lock down

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What escorts do in lockdown

What London escorts do during lock down

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out what these girls do during a lock down. They get bored like the rest of us, they get depressed, and they get worried about their jobs and security. When your job is to spend time with other people, it’s a little hard not to be worried when the government say you can’t go near anyone. And there isn’t a single escort in London that can work from home, we’re sure you can agree.

So, we are sure you can appreciate that they have a little more to worry about than most. In fact, it’s not as though most of them can even get financial help from anyone to survive here in Central London. It is an incredibly trying time for them. Rents in London are ridiculously high, as you know. escorts in Mayfair and Knightsbridge are paying very high rents and soon may not be able to afford them. Their options will be limited. They should be covered by the eviction restrictions that have been put in place, but then this largely depends on the leniency of the property owners in many ways, doesn’t it?

It’s not as though those still here in London can leave anyway, with so many restrictions on travel it has become practically impossible for global movement of any type. The government have stated that:

”…possession cases have been suspended for 90 days from 27th March 2020…”

But sadly not all landlords are as forgiving. Since many of the girls know one another, we are hoping that they will be able to stay with each other too.

What we can do to help

Sadly as an agency there isn’t much we can do to help. We are not taking bookings at the moment for obvious reasons. The girls are self employed, and we only act as their representative. We have no control over what they do, where they work or whom they see. Aside from the fact that many of them are represented by numerous agencies across London of course. And none of these agencies can do anything to help. If they are sending bookings to the girls, they are being irresponsible. The quicker we maintain the lockdown, the quicker we can all get back to enjoying this marvellous hobby!

All we can do as agents, and you as clients, is wait. When lockdown is lifted and social distancing measures allow us to venture out and about, we would ask you to use all that cash you’ve saved up and book your favourite girls. We know for a fact that they will be very glad to see you. Make the time to see as many girls as possible so that they can get caught up with any rent payments that they have to pay. They’ll be behind, but they will claw their way back we’re sure. Some of the girls we have represented in the past have proved themselves to be very intelligent and highly resourceful. You can always count on their being a thriving escort business here in London>

Escorts keeping their spirits up

In the meantime, the girls are doing what they can to keep their spirits up. Whether this is a Netflix subscription, or reading vast amounts of e-books, they’ve got it covered. We’re talking about girls who spend much of their time in their apartments waiting for calls anyway, so they are quite used to staying in a lot. Getting shopping and things is relatively easy because they can go out once a day to fetch what they need, and they don’t eat much!

On top of this, most of them are doing plenty of home workouts. They like to stay fit, so they’re following popular YouTube fitness coaches and doing their own things to keep their mental and physical health in tip top condition. They will be just as fit and healthy when you see them next, as they have always been. All those slim escort girls you know and love, may have put on a pound or two, but not so you’d notice we’re sure. These are fit young woman, and they’re always going to look great!

As always, we’re looking forward to taking your calls again. In the meantime, stay home and stay safe!

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