Easing escort lockdown and regional problems

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Easing escort lockdown Easing escort lockdown and regional problems

It is important to acknowledge this in advance of any thoughts to reopen Babylon Girls. The UK is inevitably going to be segregated when it comes to easing lockdown measures. Scotland, Ireland and Wales are not following the same route as England, but this is for good reason. Corona Virus will not be the same everywhere, as we have already noticed elsewhere in the world.

Some have said that this is a “London led lockdown.” Although this may upset some parts of the UK, here at Babylon Girls, we obviously must stay in line with what the rest of London are doing to a certain extent. We have already established that it would have been irresponsible to have opened whilst the city was only allowed out to exercise once a day and to do essential shopping. Having an escort agency open just encourages people to ignore the lockdown measures. We have seen this much already with the Kyle Walker incident. It’s all very well having a go at him, but the escort is no better, and if she was booked through an agency, they too were responsible.

Easing escort lockdown

But now London is opening up, albeit carefully and with much trepidation. People are out to work and they are going to want to be entertained. We happen to consider that the escort business (particularly incall services) are not as hazardous as some other businesses that are beginning to open, where more people are gathered in an area. It also becomes difficult as an agency to stay closed. After all, we are no longer protecting anyone if the London escorts we represent are listing with already open and functioning escort agencies across the city. We had hoped to slow it down a little, but it’s like fighting against a strong tide. We have held out longer than any other agency in the city, but it looks as though we will be looking to reopen soon.

How does regional easing impact the escort industry?

It’s going to be difficult for escorts across the country really, and the temptation to move and operate in different areas will be strong. It should in all cases be resisted in our opinion, since this will only exacerbate the problems that may arise by easing lockdowns. What we do not want to see is the migration of escorts from other parts of the UK to London, just because London is easing lockdown measures. Time will tell of course, but if everyone stays as sensible as they can and remains alert to the symptoms and how to act, hopefully everything will be fine.

Migrating to visit escorts

You may live in another part of the UK and wish to travel to London in order to indulge your escort hobby. We would advise you not to do this for the time being, unless of course your job demands that you travel to the city. It’s not really the time for weekend breaks and holidays yet, despite parts of London opening up for business. Restaurants, bars, and other social places remain closed, so there isn’t really any justification to be travelling to London for a city break at the moment. And we can assure you that there really isn’t much to see at the moment.

Babylon Girls exit strategy

It’s not so much a strategy as a “wait and see what happens” policy. We have to be honest. This has never happened before in our lifetime, and hopefully never will again. We have remained closed from March through to present day, and we are prepared to stay closed for longer if necessary. However, as we mentioned earlier, if we are not actually protecting anyone by staying closed, it seems our efforts are in fact quite redundant.

Therefore, we may be able to open earlier than we had first hoped. Especially if all goes well and there are no problems. We had aimed at June 1st, but this could be sooner. We will make an announcement on the homepage of the website, we will send newsletters to all our subscribers and we will of course announce it here on the blog.

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