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Back to the office, back to the girls

You’ve been told to get back to the office gentlemen, so what’s keeping you?  Isn’t this the time when so many of you used to book them anyway? There’s nothing like finishing work and popping along to see one of the girls at their incall apartments dotted around Central London. But the pandemic put a stop to so much of that, and it became difficult to get to see the girls we know. Especially for those of you who need to keep it all quiet because you have a wife or partner. It’s also the ideal time to see one of our adorable London escorts.

Now it seems that the guidance has changed once again. Not long ago they were telling you to work from home as much as possible. Now, since everywhere else seems to have opened up with certain restrictions, they’re saying go back to the office if you can. It’s all a way to boost the economy we’re sure, and probably a good thing in the long run, considering there is no “quick fix” for Covid-19. Most people have just been getting on with it, and getting on very well

back to work in london

If the office won’t open

For those of you busting to get back to work, and busting even more to see one of the young ladies in London that we have at the agency, you’ll have to do your best to persuade your employer. In fairness to those employers though, they haven’t had a lot of time and resources available to get their places ready for work in all cases. To totally “covid proof” your office, must cost a pretty penny too, so they won’t all be keen to do it if they can have their workers at home doing the same thing. Trouble with this is that not everyone is as productive in a home environment. Employers are faced with a dilemma, that’s for sure.

If you needed the office as an excuse, you could always tell whoever you need to make your excuses to, that you need to go in and collect things or something. There must be some reason you can come up with. All you need is a couple of hours to see one of our lovely girls. We have to support their economy too! LOL!

Stay alert, stay safe

Seriously though, if you don’t feel like going back to the office, or indeed booking a girl for company, don’t whatever you do feel obliged to. No-one should be forcing you to do anything you don’t want to at the moment. You need to do what’s right for you, and what you feel is the best plan for your own life. If that involves seeing an escort, you can rest assured that the girls are all very sensible indeed. They’re not experts, and they know they are in a contact industry, so they do whatever they can. They know about keeping good hygiene, cleaning their apartments, and where to get tested if they have symptoms of the virus. So far, at the writing of this article, we can honestly say that we have had no reports from the girls that confirm positive tests for Covid-19.

This is not us trying to get you to book the girls, this is simply the truth. The facts as we know them. We have followed guidance as well as we can be expected to under the circumstances. After all, we are told we can’t hang around in groups of 6 or more people now, yet we are encouraged to go and have a drink in the pub or go to a restaurant to mix with so many more strangers. Or on the tube to go to work etc. Schools are open again too. It is all a very mixed message. So, it is all a matter of good common sense in our opinion. You should exercise caution in everything you do, and everywhere you go these days, it is just a part of the culture at the moment. Protection Status
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